List of papers accepted for presentation in ICLA 2019

  1. Abhisekh Sankaran
    Revisiting the generalized Łoś-Tarski theorem

  2. Katsuhiko Sano and Minghui Ma
    Sequent Calculi for Normal Update Logics

  3. Anantha Padmanabha and R. Ramanujam
    Propositional modal logic with implicit modal quantification

  4. Yoshiki Nakamura
    The Undecidability of FO3 and the Calculus of relations with Just One Binary Relation

  5. Zhe Lin and Mihir Chakraborty
    Finite embeddability property of tqBa5

  6. Giuseppe Greco, Peter Jipsen, Apostolos Tzimoulis, Alessandra Palmigiano and Krishna Manoorkar
    Logics for Rough Concept Analysis

  7. Rafal Urbaniak and Michal Tomasz Godziszewski
    Modal Quantifiers, Potential Infinity, and Yablo sequences

  8. Rohit Parikh
    Logic without Language

  9. Nenad Savic and Thomas Studer
    Public Announcements for Epistemic Models and Hypertheories

  10. Jasine Babu, Karunakaran Murali Krishnan and Vineeth Paleri
    A fix-point characterization of Herbrand equivalence of expressions in data flow frameworks

  11. Cezary Cieśliński
    Satisfaction classes via non-standard cut elimination

  12. Abhishek Kr Singh and Raja Natarajan
    Towards a constructive formalization of Perfect Graph Theorem

  13. Tim French, Andrew Gozzard and Mark Reynolds
    A modal aleatoric calculus for probabilistic reasoning

  14. Debirupa Basu and Manidipa Sanyal
    Communicative Imperative

  15. Clément Lion
    Portrait of the Intuitionist as an Opponent in Dialogues. Embedding a Brouwerian counter-example within a classical play

  16. Arka Banerjee, Samir Karmakar and Sujata Ghosh
    Factivity and nominalization: A study on 'mind-predicates' in Bangla

  17. Sankha S. Basu
    A paraconsistent sub-logic of intuitionistic propositional logic

  18. Maya Saran
    Gδ sets in σ-ideals generated by compact sets

  19. Reetu Bhattacharjee, Mihir Kr. Chakraborty, and Lopamudra Choudhury
    A diagram system extending the system venn-II